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Seasmach, Gaelic for Constant was my first ever project and practice in the art of intentional camera movement photography. This collection was my final project in my BA Hons Photography Degree and was my launching pad in my career as a photographer and gallery owner in the Isle of Lewis.

With this project I had been interested in how photography can be used by individuals to showcase vastly different interpretations of the landscape and our connection to it. One of the most striking things any photographer or artist can observe about the Outer Hebrides, is that the light is stunning and the colours are unreal. The light here changes every few minutes and covers a dynamic range throughout the day. Seasonally throughout the year, the Isle of Lewis and Harris can see the whole rainbow of colours within its skies, seas and land. This place is an artists dream and there are so many endless creative interpretations of this place.

At the time of producing this collection, I was a uni student in the final year of a degree. I was taking my first steps into a transformative career, that would bridge the gap between my creative degree and starting a career in business, the Garenin Gallery. At this point in my student career I had already decided that my passion was the outdoors and landscape photography and that I specifically was interested in experimental and unqiue photographic processes. For me, this project, Seasmach was my chance to cement these beliefs and decisions by completing work that I felt encapsulated my style and was saleable in a professional gallery setting.

Project Gallery

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