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My name is Joseph Kirkman 

Joseph Kirkman ARPS, is the photographer in residence at the Garenin Gallery on the Isle of Lewis. Joseph graduated in 2020 with a First Class Degree of Bachelor of Arts with honours, from Bath Spa University. At 21 years old he moved to the Isle of Lewis, where his family have lived for generations.


Joseph creates landscape photographs that are often abstract or impressionistic. Joseph’s images are created using intentional camera movement and post-production techniques. His work received an outstanding endorsement when his collection, named Seasmhach (gaelic for constant), was featured on the Royal Photographic Society's social media as part of his final Degree exhibition.

Joseph uses his individual style of intentional camera movement to portray the constantly changing light and colour found within the Outer Hebrides. Joseph is particularly drawn to the use of unique colour and light to create artistic landscape photography that is an impressionistic interpretation of the dramatic landscapes of Scotland and it’s isles.

Joseph Kirkman is the resident photographer and owner of Garenin Gallery, just next door to the popular tourist destination the Gearrannan Blackhouse village, on the Isle of Lewis.

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