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ICM & AI Image Compositing

Using the same concept as my composite collection, this project layers my ICM photography with similar images created by an AI. Using images than are digitally created but mimicking real life creates interesting textures and opportunities for interesting results.

AI image or artwork generating websites and software are all the rage at the moment in 2023 and there is a lot of debate about it's uses and potential troublesome consequences. I perfectly understand the concern from artists about the future of the industry as increasingly effective AI's are created and the work they produce improves., especially if you are a digital artist.


However, as a photographer who loves pushing the boundary of photography and what it is capable of, I am excited to see what other applications could be found for it's uses. After an initial testing phase I realized that these sites can create some stunning and useful work that is not dissimilar to my own, however, not quite achieving the same effect, appearance or standard. I made the mental connection to try compositing these images with my own ICM photographs (otherwise known as multiple exposure) rather quickly. and have been happily surprised by the results.


Project Gallery

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