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Composite ICM

This Collection is Composite or Multiple Exposure photography of my ICM images. The process involves using software to digitally layer parts of or whole images over one another. This process creates some very interesting textures, compositions and colours that otherwise wouldn't be achievable.

The images in this collection are some of my favourites as they are so unique and capture the feel of these special isles in a more resonant way than the typical ICM images that I create. By compositing multiple images from my archives, I am able to enhance the grass swaying in the wind or the waves crashing on the shore.

As the layers are added more noise and texture appear over the smooth blurred base ICM image. This texture makes the images feel more dynamic and 3D, as if you could step into the scene. This depth within the images are a large part of why I so enjoy making these images and as someone who loves experimental photography, getting results such as these with this technique is really encouraging and inspiring.

Project Gallery

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